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Best company for aquarium cleaning in Gurgaon

With unmatched expertise, we are an aquarium cleaning service provider in Gurgaon. We do our best keeping your aquarium clean and hygienic. As to develop any tank perfectly, it should be cleaned regularly, nurtured properly and should be treated patiently.

Our Plans

The regular clean-up plan includes: weekly clean-up, fortnightly clean-up, monthly or bi-monthly clean-up or whatever suits you depending upon the size of your aquarium setup. We suggest you to have at least fortnightly one so that your fish can also feel fresh as like you. As ‘regularly’ is necessary for the success of healthy fish tank.

We care for your fish

You have also some responsibilities towards your fishes. Do you know what is happening in your aquarium and what it needs? You should, actually. Testing the pH level can help you know the unwanted nitrate and phosphate and requirement of beneficial calcium to the system.

But still if you can’t do Xpert Cleanup is here for you. We have a team of professionals who have experience of cleaning more than 1000 tanks. Due to this professional experience they are prepared to provide expert level care unlike any other cleaning company in comparatively less cost. They are both expert and knowledgeable having proper knowledge of healthy lifestyle of a fish. You will get best use of your money. Based on our performance we have earned a reputation in aquarium cleaning companies for reliability and unparalleled service.

Our Purpose

Our motto is to create as natural an environment of the aquarium as possible in order to give your fishes a healthy and long life. We all know a good and hygienic environment is a must for healthy and long life either it be the human being or a fish.

Xpert clean-up is different from other cleaning providers in the way it works because our foremost priority is not only to clean the aquarium just to catch your eyes but also to maintain healthy aquatic environment for a long time.

Our Cleaning Process

1.First, we change the water completely and will introduce fresh water with nutrients.

2.Then we go for filter cleaning along with other interiors of the aquarium like plastic plants, rocks and toys.

3. We also provide Service of aquarium motor. (If required, at an additional cost). During each visit our technician may offer an advice or suggestion if any improvement is needed in your aquarium setup. We will ensure your fish tank sparkles.

How We Work

We work by booking appointments as per your convenience. Call us and we will discuss the size and nature of your aquarium to make a schedule for cleaning. There are different charges for different size of tanks. We deal in both freshwater and saltwater tanks. When you choose Xpert Cleanup that means you are choosing utmost level of dedication which will definitely please you with our satisfactory work. First believe on us and then leave on us.