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Water Tank Cleaning services in Gurgaon

The Xpert Cleanup is a privately-owned company which works in the area of cleanness and sanitation. We are currently running a city-wide service in Delhi NCR, reaching remote and rural areas, as well as urban localities. We believe everyone in our country deserves to have clean and safe drinking water. The qualities of this unique cleaning system will remove debris, heavy mud, and other sediments from the floor of the tank without disrupting the water body and with minimal water loss.

Our Water Tank Cleaning Process:

water tank cleaning process

1. Mechanized Dewatering

2. Sludge Removal

3. High Pressure Washing

4. Anti Bacterial Spray

5. UV Treatment

Why you need to clean your water tank?

Debris collects in tanks from the rain runoff from your roof, which includes the dirt, moss, leaves, and pests as well as pollutants. The sediment can make your water stained and alter its taste and quality as well as be a home for bacteria, affecting the health of your water. Regular cleaning helps to keep your water clean, healthy and diminishes the risk of bacteria.

Over the years we have cleaned many water tanks and found mud, tree roots, and leaves as well as decaying snakes, birds, snails, rats and mice. Getting your tank frequently cleaned helps to keep these impurities out of your drinking water. Sand and silt drawn through your pump can also cause costly harm, otherwise avoidable with a clean tank.

Everyone Deserves Clean and Safe Drinking Water

The unique cleaning procedure of Xpert Cleanup is utilized in our cleaning process to remove trash, heavy mud and other deposits from the floor of your water tank.

During this process, there will be little disruption of the water body and there will be minimal water loss. However, rather than all of the time, the water is so polluted that after an assessment and evaluation have been made, a recommendation will be made to the owner of the water tank of possible health danger, when the water would then be drained before cleaning the tank. The method is similar to cleaning your swimming pool just a lot more industrialized. We use an underwater camera to monitor the job and ensure we don’t miss anything.

After the cleaning process, we prescribe a water processing by ‘Natural Water Solutions’ which offers a 100% bio-degradable water sanitization method. This restrains bacteria, fungi, viruses, bio-film, and algae. The process will also kill mosquito worms and neutralize any obnoxious taste or odors from your tank water..

We clean tanks varying in size from 1000 liter to 1 megalitre using a range of exhaustion heads dependent on the job demand to give you the best achievable result with the least amount of water usage. Our aim is to clean your tank with minimal disruption and water loss.

Why Us?

1. We offer a trustworthy, favourable and honest service.

2. We take pride in promptness and advice.

3. We won’t sell you aids that you don’t need!

For a reliable, approach to cleaning your water tank go no further than Xpert Water Tank Cleaning. We’re based in Delhi, and we provide our water tank cleaning services and clean water solutions in Noida and in all regional areas throughout NCR.

Why you need to clean your water tank?

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